PancakeSwap New Exchange Router (Old Announcement)

What is "exchange router"? - It is simply the exchange swap smart contract. 1) What is happening ? - Pancake has switched to a new exchange router.
2) What does this have to do with us? -CheesecakeSwap also use that exchange router, let's name it Router1. A new Router2 is being created by PancakeSwap on Friday.
3) Will the old router be used or shut down? - It will continue to be used by Pancake, a migration will start from Router1 to Router2 but it will not happen immediately.
4) Are my LP tokens and other assets that I keep on your site safe? - Absolutely SAFU. WE DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TOUCH, CHANGE, SPOIL or DISPUTE ASSETS, WHICH ALWAYS BELONG TO YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BE. (Remember that we removed the "migrator code" already)
5) Will Cheesecake also switch to Router2? - For now, no. As soon as Router1 usage starts to decrease drastically, we will migrate. We won't be one of the first to migrate immediately.
6) So how do you prevent the confusion from occurring? - Until the Router2 is switched, our users will only need to add liquidity from the "add liquidity" tab on the Cheesecake website itself. Except for Cheesecake Swap, there will be no reward for LP additions made from Pancakes until we switch to Router2. Therefore, LP additions should only be made on Cheesecake. We will place announcements in a way that will attract attention and be obligatory to read all over the site.
7) Why don't you jump to Router2 right away? - There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, we want to make sure that the new router is running stable and there are no bugs. We expect sufficient liquidity to be ensured on Router2 and finally, we expect most of the people with liquidity on the Pancake routers to know about this task and complete the transition. During this process, we will be constantly looking for the right time for the transition.
8) Will I pay the deposit fee again as soon as I switch to Router2? - No deposit fee will be removed for a certain period of time. For other questions, please join our Telegram group.