CheesecakeSwap Token (CCAKE)


Name: CheesecakeSwap Token
Ticker: CCAKE
Decimals: 18
Max supply: 10,000,000

CCAKE Liquidity Mining and Burn Rates

Emission Rate: 0.75 CCAKE/block or 21600 CCAKE/day [may change in future]
Block Reward: Current block reward is 0.75 CCAKE. [may change in future]
  • To preserve CCAKE Token value, we decided to burn 1900*(Block Reward)*7 CCAKE Token every week. 10,000 $CCAKE is burned weekly.
  • Nearly 9.09% of the total produced CCAKE will be sent to the deployer address for marketing&burning. The rest will be distributed among farms&pools on our platform.
  • The team will not sell or farm any CCAKE token. The amount accumulating on the deployer address will be used only for marketing, contents&competitions and future airdrop. The only income for the developer team is deposit fees.
  • 30% of the weekly amount of ccake in developer account is kept for marketing expenses (to be used in case of need). The remaining 70% (10,000 $CCAKE) is burned weekly.

Importance of unique inflation control mechanism:

  • Allocating this budget for marketing instead of buyback will help us grow & expand, hence, increasing coin value much more compared to buybacks.
  • Income from deposit fees is negligible compared to the size of CCAKE/BNB and CCAKE/BUSD pools. As a result of this, the value increase of CCAKE after the buyback will also negligible.
  • Buyback can backfire since times of buybacks can create a pump/dump environment, and like said in the second argument, the value increase of the token is negligible due to the high volume of pools.

Deposit Fees

Standard deposit fee is 4% across all NON-CCAKE farms and pools. For CCAKE farms and pools, there is no deposit fee (0%). 50% of the deposit fee will be distributed among teams and developers, the other 50% will be used for mainly marketing, buyback, and other expenses such as airdrops, contests, maintenance, etc.
Marketing expenditures are made weekly or long term. The balance of this account is generally accumulated for major partnership and the listing. When the marketing account is over 25k and there is no expense to be made that week, the remaining balance is distributed among the team as treasure.

CCAKE as a Governance Token

CCAKE is the native governance token of CheeseCakeSwap. We are advocates of decentralized platforms, because of this, we will lead our platform to success with our community. The community uses this platform and the community will lead this platform.
Our governance model is explained on Governance. As said there, after compulsory developments are being done, we will give control to our community.