Emission Reduction

With all DeFi yield farming practices, applications and its corresponding tokens, inflation becomes a vital issue after some period. Although this said period varies from project to project, a solution regarding the issue becomes inevitable, in order to preserve token value and ensure the project's future.
Our team decided to execute the most preferred and efficient solution for this inflation issue at hand, Emission Reduction, a deflation strategy assumed by many other valuable and critical projects as well that are not limited by DeFi & Yield Farming fields. Details regarding the emission reduction are explained below. Plan Current CCAKE per block emission rate is 0.75. Our team expects to reduce it to 0.25, then limit the max supply at 10,000,000 CCAKE. At that time when 10M CCAKE maximum cap is reached, CCAKE will not be minted anymore.
Expected times Hitting the 0.25 CCAKE per block rate - March 25, 2022 Reaching 10,000,000 max supply - March 01, 2023 Execution Execution strategy for the emission reduction plan is to reduce CCAKE emission per block by 0.02, every Friday.
To illustrate, on October 1 2021, new CCAKE/block was 0.75. On October 8, it will be 0.73, October 15, it will be 0.71 and so on... Notes Regarding the Polygon Network
Same reduction reduction strategy will be applied with similar rates; current emission rate is 0.05 on Polygon and target emission rate is 0.017. Each week, emission rate will be reduced by 0.00133.
To illustrate, on October 1 2021, new CCAKE/block was 0.05. On October 8, it will be 0.0487, October 15, it will be 0.0473 and so on...