PancakeSwap New Exchange Router Migration

1) What is the decision made? In our previous announcement, we stated that "when the right time comes" we will switch to Pancake's new exchange router v2. According to our reviews, the right time has come and we are starting the migration process.
2) When do we migrate from v1 to v2?
Migration time starts: 09:00 (GMT) May 2. From this date on, our site will use LP’s created on V2 in the AMM section and in the award distribution.
3) What should I do in this process?
Starting in the given time, you need to remove your LP tokens from the farms you are farming and create a new LP pair from the "trade" section and make a deposit to the farm you want to invest. Nothing needs to be done before 09:00 (GMT). on May 2.
4) I'm staking my assets at single pools (eg. BUSD pool). Am I affected by this situation?
5) I have already paid a deposit fee for non-CCAKE pairs, will I pay again?
No. No deposit fee will be collected for 12 hours and no fee will be paid for the migration.
6) Why 12 hours?
To protect our existing members, we optimized the time as half a day for everyone to spend comfortably dealing with the moving procedure. If it were open for longer, too many non-CCAKE pairs would come from outside and increase TVL, and our current members' CCAKE earning rates (APR) would drop significantly. We have adjusted the duration so that our members are not harmed.
7) Will my current LP tokens disappear if I stay in V1? Are my tokens SAFU?
Yes, 100% SAFU. There will only be reward distribution to V2 LPs as of May 2, 09.00, and those who do not perform this process will not be able to receive a reward for their LP tokens. At any time, once v2 LPs are rebuilt and put into the market, the rewarding will continue. You will be able to perform this migration until 21:00 without paying a deposit fee. % 4 deposit fee will be re-activated after 21:00
Summary: The process starts on May 2 at 09:00 and from this date CCAKE awards will be distributed for V2 LPs, you have to manually switch between 09:00 - 21:00 to switch to the new version without paying a deposit fee. You can get help from the Telegram group for technical support.