We divide our future developments and updates into 4 categories, urgent/high/medium/low. This page will be updated consistently.

These are the developments/updates that need to be done to operate and optimize the platform. These tasks are currently in progress.

-Coinmarketcap : CCAKE is listed on Coinmarketcap.
-Coingecko: CCAKE is listed on Coingecko.
-Zapper: You can support our proposal here!


We hired a new marketing specialist to create solid marketing strategies and to increase the publicity of CheeseCakeSwap.

We are currently looking for some pools and farms to add on the platform to increase both CCAKE value and offer various options for platform users.

We implemented launchpool section on our platform and currently waiting/reviving applications. We are also making contacts with upcoming projects on BSC.

We added lottery to our platform. You can read more in here.

These developments/updates are indicating big changes in the platform.

Our tech and economy teams are working on a new token method to bring more value to CCAKE.

To ensure our platform works efficiently, we are being audited by several audit companies. So far, we have been audit by Hackrate, you can find the report here.
We made our application to be audited by Defiyield, we are waiting for the results.
Besides Defiyield and Hackrate, we are looking for other audit experts to increase trust in our community and see if our contracts have any deficiencies.

Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) are evolving in decentralized community. As CheeseCakeSwap, we will build NFT Marketplace in our platform. Currently, our tech team is researching on creation and deployment of contracts to the platform. Our marketing squad is reaching to various artists and graphic designers to present their artworks on our platform. With this improvement, artists can sell their artworks safely and earn income without dealing with third-party involvements and high deduction amounts.

We're aware that auto-compounding is a useful and beneficial feature that is being used more and more platforms everyday, and we're planning to implement it as well. Our devs will focus their attention to auto-compound, right after the NFT Section launch in our webpage.
With autocompound, the LP tokens in pools will be automatically compounded periodically. This approach will increase APR drastically, as the main liquidity will grow exponentially.


These are mediocre operational development/updates in the platform.

Our graphic designer is currently working on improving on UI. It will be done before Q1 ends.

We have deployed timelock contract with 12 hours delay. After our core developments are done, we will increase timelock delay again.

Applications have been made to more than one exchanges, the results are awaited.

We hired extra community managers to solve the community’s problems quickly. In the upcoming days, we will launch our Discord channel.

These are non-operational updates.

We are aiming to create our mobile app in Q4.

We have community members all around the world so for them to have a better experience, we are adding additional language to our website. Any community member is welcome to help us!

What we have done so far..
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On this page
i) Listings
ii) DDOS Mitigation with Cloudflare
iii) Marketing Research&Strategy
iv) Additional Farms and Pools
v) Launchpool
vi) Lottery
i) Inflation/Deflation Control Mechanism
ii) Audits
iii) NFT Marketplace
iv) Auto - Compounding
v) Removal of idle pools and increasing of CCAKE rewards
i) Improving Web Design and Graphical Interface
ii) Timelock Delay
iii) CEX Listing
iv) More Dynamic & Responsive Platform
v) Emission per block reduction
i)Android / iOS App:
ii) Language Support for Web/Mobile Platform
iii) New Webpage UI
iv) New NFTs