Since our platform is decentralized, after the core development updates, we will give control to our community. Any CCAKE governance token holders may propose a change, update or development via our governance portal. Our governance structure will be like this:
First, any community member will propose their suggestion in our Discord channel’ #issues, then our community will talk upon this issue in Discord and Telegram. If this issue is agreed upon, the team will carry this proposal to the project page on Snapshot or Aragon.(the original issue can be amended before going to Snapshot page) When a proposal listed on Snapshot, those who hold CCAKE can vote either yes or no.
If the majority of CCAKE holders vote yes, then the team will execute the proposal.
If the majority of CCAKE holders vote no, then the team will not take action upon this proposal.
Any failed proposal can be talked upon in our socials, but they can be issued again after 2 weeks.